The Tale of Hoptale

Hoptale started as a personal project to better record our trips so that we could look back and reminisce the beautiful sites, the fun adventures, the good food, the interesting people, and all the happy moments from our hops around the world. As we got asked by more and more friends for recommendations and tips from those trips, we thought our travel experiences could be shared online with more people who happen to be interested in or researching the same destinations. As a result, Hoptale has become a public space to share our travel stories.

Our Travel Style

We love to have new experiences in life. When it comes to travel, there is not a particular type or destination we stick to. We do a fair amount of research/planning before each trip but also enjoy the spontaneity when getting lost or side-tracked occasionally. We keep most of our days filled (but never hectic) and always try to have a healthy balance between exploring and relaxing.

We seek out both the popular sites (they are popular for a reason!) as well as the more local spots off the beaten path. We love visiting old towns, winelands, historic sites, museums, local markets, and etc. Typical activities include neighborhood walks, bike tours, nature hikes, scenic drives, and ocean swims. We consider ourselves adventurous eaters of all types of cuisines (but our stomachs sometimes prove us otherwise!).

As value-conscious travellers, we try to avoid places that are tourist ripoffs or too pretentious but are willing to pay up for any truly great or unique experiences. However, on average, we have found more joy from the little hidden gems than from the highly exclusive/expensive places.

Join Us?

We are always looking for partners and contributors – other avid travellers who want to become a part of our little project. Request an invite to use our totally FREE travel blogging tool so that you can publish your own trips. Or simply Drop us an email if you have questions and/or suggestions.